Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Design Time

Every time I woke up last night a quilt block greeted me. It is a safe bet that it is time to get it on paper. I think it is going to be my next masterpiece. I hope there is fabric in the stash to create it. If not, I may take myself to the fabric store before work. I have a gift card that I could use to me started. It is a shame it's so early that nothing is open. Take deep breaths and relax, everything will work out.

I have been working on a paper lined, hand pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden variation for more years that I can remember. I started it while I was married for the intention of using it on our king sized waterbed. I am now divorced and have gotten a smaller bed but it is no closer to being done. I drag it out once a year and work on it. But I have a huge amount of the flowers already put together and I am going to use them for another project. I am thinking tablerunner. And I am thinking that it would make a good entry for the Fair. Last time I entered a tablerunner in the Fair, I decided on Christmas and so did most everyone else. Easter won that year. This one will be different and I am hoping will catch the judge's eye.  That is another project bouncing around in the brain trying to get out. There is at least one more idea up there involving wood, modge podge, fabric and a sharpie maker. It will have to stay up there for another week or so. If it turns out it will make an appearance here.

Today and next Saturday will be my last two Saturdays to work. The staffing issues have been worked out and I am keeping the shift I have. Monday thru Friday no weekends. Off at 4:30 and there is daylight now to play in. I will take my tablerunner to amuse myself and my cutting stuff to work on the stack of fabric odd fabric that needs to be cut down to strips for other projects. There is a gal at work just getting back into quilting after several years away from it. I have offered her fabric from my stash and her reply was only if you have extras. I have fabric in my pantry now. Not much food on the shelves but three rubbermaid boxes of fabric. I can cut at my desk and leave her some fabric as a surprise for Monday on her desk.

I am going to cook this weekend. I am going to make another batch of  Spaghetti Sauce. I pop everything in my small crockpot and in a few hours it is done. And I am thinking about cabbage and sausage in the big crockpot. And a batch of Peanut Butter Blossom cookies for a gal at work who is leaving. Her last day is Thursday so I have a little bit of time.

Monday my sister and I were out wandering the countryside in her new Jeep. Hi Karen!! And taking pictures of the unusual and the interesting. Much easier than taking pictures of humans. I keep cutting off the tops of people's head. I thought the way the moss was growing in the this creek bed was interesting and I had Karen stop in the middle of the road so I could take a picture. It was nice to see green in a rather gray and dreary day. Reminds us that Spring is coming!!! Happy Spring everyone.

In stitches,


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