Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am a Great Aunt

My niece had her baby early this morning. Hello to Madeline Elizabeth. She was born at 1:39 this morning just two days before my birthday!!! I still have to make the baby layettes for the older sisters. I will get right on that once I get back from my trip. I will package them up and mail them to each sister. Everyone likes getting mail.

Speaking of mail I got my prize from Bobbi for the Friday night Sew In. It came yesterday and I will post pictures after my trip, I have already packed my camera. I think I have every thing for my trip. My son called earlier and reminded not to eat a dinner while I am at the airport as my daughter in law is cooking for us. I am getting to airport around 3PM and even for me would be too early for dinner. I am allowed a snack though. I am taking a graham cracker parrillo protein bar . These bars are yummy and  will keep you full and does not mess with my blood sugar.

In stitches,



jilly said...

Congrats on becoming a great aunt. To me its almost like being a grandma. I get to do lots of spoiling;-)



Linda and Piwacket said...

Congratulations Great Auntie Judy!