Friday, March 26, 2010

Mother Nature Is Listening

It snowed last night and Mother Nature listened to me. I asked at the beginning of winter for snow just on the grass and not on the roads or sidewalks and I got that this morning. Of course, it the end of March and the beginning of Spring. Oh well!!!
I must tell you about my friend, Jennifer, from work, And thank her for recapturing my quilting spirit. She had quilted in the past and life came along and  took her away from quilting. She's back. I have been lending her my quilt magazines to get her going, gave her some 2.5" strips, and I give her something new it day to investigate. Today it is half square triangles made from Thangles. It is refreshing to see the excitement in her eyes with every new thing I throw her way. I remember why I started quilting and why I will continue to quilt.

In stitches,


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