Wednesday, August 14, 2013

 I have been playing with the project mentioned in the previous post. I have found a fabric from my stash that will work for the border. I have decided to take off the last row that I just put on. It will now be square. I think I like it. I am ready to get to the hand quilting part.

I moved a chest of drawers from my basement to my hallway. I want a place to put my wall hanging and table runners. It also needs a topper. Another project, just what I need.  The chest is old. It was the chest my mom and dad got to put my stuff in when I was born. I had no idea when I put it under my basement stairs that there was stuff in the drawers. It was like Christmas!! I found that extra container of buttons. I had been looking for those for almost a year.

In stitches,

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