Monday, April 29, 2013

Many plans, not much done!

I had such big plans for my weekend and not much was finished. I took down the fabric I had swagged over my living room windows. Don't take down dusty swags minutes before you are to log in and take customer calls. Not a good idea!! I was coughing and clearing my throat for better part of an hour after that. Each window swag was 10 yards of fabric. I will be able to get two self lined panels out of each ten yard piece. I bought rings at JoAnn's today and now I am ready to make the new curtains for my living room. 

I have found a shoebox full of 3 inch nine patch blocks in my basement. I have an idea in my head how to use these for a quilt. I am still trying to use the stuff on hand. And boy is there a lot of stuff here. 

I am finally caving into the hexie craze. Many, many years ago I started a paper pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. At the time I started this quilt I was making it for a king sized water bed. I have a much smaller bed now and I am thinking about working on it again. I have gathered all of my supplies together and I guess I will start working on it again.

I did get my front yard cut. I was not going to do the back yard until today but it has rained on and off most of the day and it is too wet to cut. I also want to start some Moon Flower seeds. I am planning to use some in the back yard by the deck and some in the front yard near the porch. These only bloom at night. 

I was going to bind the three quilts that need binding by next weekend. But they are still sitting on the floor in the living room.  

In stitches,

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