Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sewing Mojo

I think my sewing mojo is back. And that is a good thing. I need to busy on Elly's Easter dress. Looks like I am going to be able to shop from stash for dress fabric and from my stash of patterns for a dress pattern. Years ago, I sewed for my god child, Lily. I collected lots of patterns for little girls in various sizes. And as a true quilter, I never throw anything away. After all, I might need that some day!! 

So this afternoon and evening in between calls at work I will replace the zippers in two jackets for my neighbor and cut out the dress for  Elly. I may need to get some lace for the bottom of the skirt, but I will have to figure that out once the dress is done. 

And I think I need a new purse. I am using the black bag I made just before Christmas and I need something new and fun!! I have a huge amount of bag patterns, but I will just grab some fabric from the upstairs stash and go from there. I will decide one a size, grab a zipper, and go from there. I will post tomorrow evening with the results of my sewing weekend. 

In stitches,