Friday, December 28, 2012


It appears that there is snow at my house. I, myself, am in Brooklyn and it is dry here. I have seen pictures and listened to weather reports and spoke with my mom, who got 6 inches of snow, with more expected tonight.

I am having such fun in Brooklyn with my family. Elly is smiling a lot and starting to coo. I have been cooking bunches while I have been here. We did 3 different kinds of chickens for Christmas, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and chocolate raspberry truffle pie. Today I boiled the chicken bones with veggies to make chicken stock and in turn I will be making chicken soup with rice. And baking powder biscuits.

I have been thinking about what projects to start and what projects to finish in 2013. I know that my sister and I are trying to finish one project a month. I have decided for January to make my flannel night gown and flannel sleep pants as well as put my flannel quilt in the floor frame and start hand quilting it. I would like to do at least one charity quilt for Kids Komfort, our guild's charity quilt project. I would like to use as much of my stash in 2013 as humanly possible.

And of course, I will be dong some sewing for Elly. I have bunches of patterns that I can hardly wait to try out!

In stitches,

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LuAnn said...

Elly is a beautiful baby. Sounds like you have good ideas for using your stash in the new year. Enjoy time with your family. I've never had raspberry truffle pie but it sounds wonderful.