Sunday, December 9, 2012



It seems that for every project I have completed this month, I have gotten a new one to replace and just in for Christmas. I have finished a cozy flannel nightgown and a purple and yellow bag for my friend.I will post pictures of these tomorrow. I don't think Barb reads my blog, but I want to see her face when she opens the backpack. I will tell her it is packed with paper like they do in fancy stores.  I have Elly's Christmas dress cut out and I am putting it together tonight. I have three nightgown to finish for another friend. And I want to make a bonnet for Elly to wear to church for her Christening. Let's now add a quilted wall hanging. Nothing big, just a picture of Elly, border and some quilting. My son's in-laws are going to be sharing Christmas with us and her dad is enamored with my quilts and this quilt is her idea. I will run to JoAnn's and pick up photo transfer paper and to staples to get some more ink for my printer and get busy. I have loads of time, I leave on the 22nd of December. No pressure!!

This the most current picture of Elly. Seems my son was up quite late working and needed a nap. Elly was fine to keep him company but she was not going to nap!

In stitches,


karen said...

i think the quilt is an awesome idea. you work well under pressure!

karen said...

the quilt is an awesome idea. you can do it, you work well under pressure.