Tuesday, October 30, 2012

stuck in New York

I am in Brooklyn with my granddaughter, Elly. We survived hurricane Sandy but my flight home has been cancelled!! Guess I will have to stay and cuddle Elly.  I missed the first snow of the season in Ohio. Oh well! Time for me to cook dinner tonight is homemade pizza and tomorrow is stuffed shells with the sauce in the freezer from my last visit.

No sewing this week but I have a list to keep me busy! Bonnets and hats more pants with elastic at legs and the Christmas dress and shoes and a curtain for the master bedroom and something foe Elly's room. Gramma will be busy!

In stitches,

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Miss Carol said...

I am so glad to hear your weathered Sandy. I am also happy to know you get to spend more time with your granddaughter.
In my area of OHIO, we didn't get snow, but north of me in Mansfield got 2". Rain & Wind...I've had enough!