Sunday, October 7, 2012


I work every Saturday taking customer calls. I work in my living room. Today I made a list of everything I needed to prep for several projects. We are usually not very busy and as long as I am tethered to my phone I can cut, sew, or read. I finished cutting the fabric for my black Chain Link quilt. Or so I thought. I found one more Batik that needs to be cut. I will finish that on Sunday. I finished the design for my pumpkin wall hanging. I am going to start working on it on Sunday. I was going to butcher some old magazines for foundation for string blocks but I ended up chatting with a friend and did not get to that.

Fall is here in my part of Ohio. The leaves are changing and the air is cooler. In fact, today I turned on the furnace to get the chill out of the air. It was not on very long before it got hot in the house and off it went. I suppose if I wasn't tethered to my desk I would not have been cold and the furnace would not have been turned on.

Tomorrow is sewing time and family time. My mom and at least one of my sisters and I are going to one of the Metro Parks in the area for Pioneer Days. I will have to take my camera for sure. I would like to get some shots of Fall in Ohio.

In stitches,

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