Friday, October 5, 2012


I am trying to use the fabric that has made upstairs to my dining room where I have my sewing machine set up. I have been trimming my scraps into strips to start making string blocks. I am going to use my telephone book pages for the foundation. I am hoping to make at least two blocks a day. I am also cutting fabric for another Chain Link quilt. That is the pattern I used for my granddaughter's quilt. It will be bit different. I am using fabrics that are either solid or read as a solid. And black.  A black border so the blocks will look like they are floating. And hand quilting it with black thread. I may be crazy. I will let you know once I start the quilting.

And then there is the Fall wall hanging that I am still designing. I am going at it backwards. I have picked the fabrics, decided on the size, have decided on the size of the border and the colors, whatever area that is left will be the center. I have the backing fabric and the quilting thread all picked out. And I have found a couple of pumpkins that will grace the center square. I should be able to get to it this weekend. Saturday is always a slow day on the phones. I work from my living room that customer service calls. My cutting mat and ruler and rotary cutter live on a table next to my desk. And some days I move the sewing machine out  by my desk.

I have found a bag in the living room with a bunch of fabric in it. Some of the fabric is cut in nice 5" squares. I wonder what my plan for those squares are?! I am hoping as I dig into the bag there will be a pattern or a magazine in the bottom of the bag. I need to starting making notes when I cut fabrics, so I will remember what I wanted to make.

In stitches,

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