Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby Sewing

I have been baby sewing. It has been a lot time since I have made pants for anyone and I cannot remember making pants this small, but like a true pack rat, I had patterns in my box from my sewing time for my niece Lily. She is ten now. So I was able to whip up 5 pairs of pants for Elly. The waist and the length were great.

The width of the legs were not so good. As you can see, the legs are quite large.  They tell me it looks like she is wearing a long skirt. I have more fabric to make 5 more pairs. I will be cutting down the leg portion of the pattern. I am hoping to finish them today along with her bunting.

In stitches,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Elly is adorable and so are the pants you made. It has been years since I made any clothes.

Enjoy your weekend.
blessings, jill

Cathy said...

Oh, those are soooooo cute! I'm a hoarder too...I have dress patterns, etc that I used when my 36 yo daughter was a wee one.