Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New shift

 I have completed one day of my new shift and I have mixed feelings. At the beginning of my shift we were busy and calls were coming back to back. It slowed down around 6pm and it slowed down as the evening progressed. I had  a call at 9pm another at 10:15pm and then nothing else until it was time to log out at 11pm. I did get some quilting done. I quilted then tore that out. I quilted some more and tore that out. The third time I was happy with the results and did not tear it out. I just need to have something to sew in between the calls. If we are not busy I guess I will get a lot of stuff done. And stitching helps me stay awake. I was dragging towards the end.

Time to go cut the back yard. I did the front on Monday but it rained yesterday and there was no cutting done.

In stitches,

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