Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good news, bad news

I am working on a project for a contest. I am now addicted to entering my quilts in contests. After designing the perfect block on my EQ7 and having a devil of time making the block. I scrapped that design for another one that I had done several months ago. I got it together and it looks great. And I have started hand quilting it. Then the company sponsoring the contest asked for pictures of the works in progress and I happily sent them my pictures.

 I got an email back stating I had won a prize, but that I had used a fabric in my design that was not an "approved" fabric and that my quilt would be disqualified if I sent them pictures of the finished quilt. Oh my!! So I am back to the drawing board trying to come up with a new design that I can finish in a couple of weeks! I am working feverishly on a new design. This seems to be the story of my life, but I would not change it for anything.

Going to fire up my EQ7 now and get busy designing the next great quilt. Glad it only has to be no bigger than 40 inches square. I have a fighting chance!

In stitches,

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