Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I keep thinking that today will be the day I get to do things. I spent last week in Brooklyn with Elly, Nick and Frankie while Tania was out of town. I had an amazing time with all of them. I started a simple crocheted blanket for Elly. It needed to be purple and have an open weave pattern so she could put her fingers in the openings while settling down for the night. It is about 1/3 of the way finished and I will need to get another skein of purple yarn to finish it. I have been making dish cloths for quite some time but it had been a long time since I have made anything bigger.

I have finished my sister's dress in time for her conference. Of course, I have no picture to share. I am hoping she will send me a picture of her in it. And I will share it with you.

I am going to be taking Friday off to spend a few days with my sister, Karen. We are going to explore the back roads of Columbus, Ohio looking for interesting things to photograph. I am taking the box with my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt to work on in the evenings. I had such big plans of having it completely pieced by the end of 2014. Not a chance of that happening. Guess I will add it to my list for 2015.

Fall is quickly approaching and I am now on a mission to save seeds from the flowers I have planted in my yard. I am hoping to collect enough seeds that I won't have to invest in a bunch of plants in 2015. I will let you know how that works out.

And not to rush the season, I am listening to Christmas music on my computer while writing this post and finishing up on my laundry. It is oddly calming. Don't ask!

In stitches,

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