Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guess who is two?!

 Today Elly is 2. It is had to believe that with all the issues she had at birth, she is now a happy and healthy two year old. 

The first Moonflower  of 2014 bloomed last night. They only bloom at night, so I was out on the deck on my break from work with a flash light and my phone trying to take pictures. I got one good picture and I got to smell the flower. They have an amazing scent.

I have been working on a dress for my sister, Patty. She is making a presentation in Lexington towards the middle of September. The dress is a Vogue pattern which I do not like working with, but she picked it out and lost some weight, so I promised to make it. The dress is almost done. I took it down to Kentucky for her to try on and it fits well, now I need to finish it. Pictures will follow.

My quilt has gone on the back burner. It is a bright, cheery quilt for the hot summer months. I may get it done, but it might be put away until next summer. Soon I will be bringing out the fall/winter decor.

In stitches,

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sunny said...

Elly looks so happy in this picture! Happy Birthday!!