Sunday, August 10, 2014

Long time coming

Wow it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy doing all kinds of things. I had company, I went to see  Elly, I sewed some, I worked in my yard, did a bunch of cooking, and worked some overtime.
This is Elly at my mom's. She is wearing the shorts I made for my niece about 10 years ago. Only three pairs survived all these years. When I made them, my niece did not want any flowered shorts. 

 This is an unhappy Elly in Brooklyn. She has been sprayed with the hose by her daddy. She is wearing the dress I made for her. I made a matching dress for her friend but I have no pictures of them in their matching dresses. 

 This is the latest project I have started. I am making 143 five inch blocks similar to this one. Then I will sash each block in white with the bright green as cornerstones. The batik will be the border and binding.

School is getting ready to start around here and I am busily making a new top for my sister to wear to school. Even teachers need new clothes for school. Later on, I will be making her a new dress for a presentation she is doing in September. I will have pictures of the top later on today. It is almost done, but I need to make a few alterations to it and drop by her house later on today.

Working overnights gives me unusual times for sewing. It is after midnight now and I am going back to the sewing machine to finish my sister's top and to work on my quilt.

I have seen several posts lately with hexies. I so wanted to finish my top by the end of 2014. Sadly, I think I will be moving that goal to 2015. I am eying my floor frame and a flannel courthouse steps quilt that needs some work. We having been having lots of fall like weather here in my part of Ohio and the flannel quilt seems like a good idea. And then I can cross that off my list of  UFO's.

In stitches,

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sunny said...

Poor Ella does not look happy in that picture. Cute dress though. I haven't done much work on my hexie quilt, either, so we have to vow to finish them in 2015!