Thursday, February 27, 2014


I did get to sew a bit yesterday on a baby quilt for the baby next door. And I have my  GFG in my lap while I am on the phones for work. I am making progress on it, at least in my eyes. When I started this many, many years ago, it never dawned on me to sew it in rows. Now it looks like an amoeba or a jelly fish. So I  am slowly correcting the shape into a rectangle.

I am taking some vacation time next week and the weather people are talking snow and ice and plain yucky weather. I have lists of things I want to work on and finish while I am off. As long as the power does not go off I will be fine. I have been to the grocery store and now I am ready for what ever falls out of the sky!!

In stitches,

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sunny said...

Great job! You've got a lot done. I'm sewing mine in rows - but I'm using a different layout, and that's what made sense to me at the time. Stay warm and cozy.