Monday, September 9, 2013


It has been quite a while since I have posted. My new schedule has started and I think I am going to like it. It seems weird to be off in the evening. I have been doing a little bit of sewing. I have finished up the last of Elly's summer sewing, I have made 3 dog scarves for the dogs up the street, and I have gotten the stuff for my next project. I am making a dress for my sister. Another barter deal. It looks like she will be here for yardwork or house cleaning. No plans set for that yet. And more dog scarves. Not much quilting time at this time. But blogs and magazines are keeping me company. 

Not yet walking but has mastered the standing up part. She is pulling herself up to anything that is standing still. She turned one in the end of August. Gramma did not make her a quilt for her birthday but one is in the planning stage. Guess it will be a Christmas present. 

In stitches,

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sunny said...

She is such a doll baby! Thanks again for my awesome clock.