Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have made good progress on the Villa quilts the Villarama fund raiser. In fact, they are both done! But I do not plan on doing this type of marathon quilting any time soon. I have never finished two quilts in ten days. The quilt tops were pieced when I got them, I only had to pin baste them, quilt them and bind them. As soon as I get pictures of them I will post them.

My sister found a quilt shop near Atlanta and we are going there today. Yeah!! Not looking for anything special, but I sure something will come home with me. So far I have shopped my sister's stash of stuff. I have her scraps of flannel from her lastest rag quilt and the neutral gender ones I will use for our nephew's rag quilt, scrap book paper for a project I found on Pinterest, leather sample squares~~ project already finished~~, and linen hankerchiefs to make a bonnet for Elly. And of course, the few purchases I have already made. So far, no fabric. At least not yet.

I am thinking that this might be the next quilt I am going to finish. It needs a border and to be quilted. It is certainly bright and cheery. Just what I will need in Ohio. It is going to be hard to say good bye to my sister and her hubby and the 70 degree weather when I leave on Sunday!

In stitches,

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