Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No sewing for me

I really wanted to sew this week,  but it is time to work on my continuing education for Pharmacy Technician certification, It is not due until the end of next month, but I want to get it out of the way!

I have decided to make my nephew's quilt 8 rows across and 10 rows down a total of 160 squares including both the front and back. I have a little over 50 squares cut so far. I have found a few pieces in my stash. I like that option best.

I still have two Kid's Komfort quilts to make this month. One for the February guild meeting and one for the March meeting. These quilts are coming out of my stash. Yeah!!

My sister and I both finished our January projects. She did a drawing and I did my nightgown. She is working on a collage for February and I am working on my continuing education for February. Not nearly as creative as I could be but important just the same. I have several ideas roaming around in my brain for March. So many ideas so little time!!

In stitches,

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