Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My job

Since April, I have been working from home and I adore it. My work station is set up in my living room and I can look out the front door at the world passing by. Normally I will see lots of birds, a few squirrels, butterflies, and two weeks ago a deer ran through my yard. Nothing surprises me now. Lately there has been over time offered. I have decided that I do not mind doing over time right after my shift is done. I also like doing it before my shift. I do not like doing it 9pm to midnight and trying to get up the next morning to work. I also do not like working 2 hours before my shift, waiting 30 minutes and starting my regular shift and tacking 2 more hours on to the end of my shift. I did that today and missed the pick up of my recycling. Now I have to haul the bin back to the side porch and wait until next week to return it to the curb. I am saving money on lunches and gas and wear and tear on my car. I still have contact with my friends either on the phone or when we get together to craft on Friday nights. If you get the opportunity to work from home take it in a heartbeat. It is awesome!!

Still no sewing done this week. I have to start the baby quilt soon. Lime green, teal, chocolate brown and dots. Pictures to follow. Maybe pictures of the fabric. My camera is upstairs with my office and I am downstairs on my personal computer.

In stitches,

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