Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Weekend in the Bag

This weekend was spent with my bestest friend in the world. We had a garage sale at the house this weekend and some visiting time. We did not make much money but we had a good visit. I used my new crock pot and make a lovely roast using diet pepsi as the liquid for my roast. It was yummy!! I was also able to decorate the living room for Halloween. I changed the flowers in my door basket for Fall and put up my Halloween quilt above the antique bookcase in the living room. I also have two new wooden pumpkins to put out that my friend, Roberta made for me. Later this week I will post pictures.

Not any sewing done this weekend. I am getting ready to make a brown, teal, and lime green baby quilt. One of my own designs. Tuesday I am meeting a co worker at JoAnn Fabrics to pick out fabrics for a t-shirt quilt for her daughter. This will be my second t-shirt quilt. People are starting to order their Christmas gifts earlier this year. Last year it was a quilt made from show ribbons. Each quilt is a challenge that helps me grow in so many ways. I truly believe that there is nothing I cannot do. I just need to try.

Time to finish the laundry and get ready for bed. Back to work tomorrow and maybe some over time. And if no over time, then I will be going to my small quilt group. I have a hand piecing project that I am making for my living room. Something in earthtones for the fall.

In stitches,

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