Sunday, June 5, 2011

Small steps

Life is just a series of small steps. I have spent most of this weekend taking small steps towards the bigger picture. Friday night I had to work late as I had traded with someone. There was one item on my list for Saturday. My washing machine. I went to Home Depot and a large wrench to fix my washer. I was not getting any cold water in my washer. With a little bit of knowledge, I set out to fix my washer and I have to say after a little bit of work, my washer is working just fine. 

Today, I did some work in my front yard and there will be a bit more work tonight once the sun has started to set. I put the binding on the quilt for my sister's shower gift and will do the hand stitching later in the week. I have all the pieces cut out for my red, white, and blue wall hanging and will start that in a few minutes. I had plans to have it done for Memorial Day but live got in the way!!!

This week looks to be another busy week. But keep taking small steps!!

In stitches,

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on fixing the washer!!