Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day

It is hump day! The weekend is definitely coming. I have been working almost daily in the yard. It is starting to take shape. Mulch mountain is still a mountain but it has some big bites out of it. The weather here in Southwest Ohio has been much cooler. It makes working in the yard much more bearable. 

I have finished yet another quilted item. I finished the small wall hanging for my hall way. Once I get it hung I will take a picture of it. I am now working on my Patriotic wall hanging for my basement landing. It is slow going. I think I am going to have to rip out some more of it the next time I am at the sewing machine. That is such a fun job. 

I have already picked out my next two projects. I promised my sister some place mats for her dining room table. I am thinking something light and airy for the summer. In the current America quilts for the home is a quilt that is calling my name. I know it is on page 46 but I cannot remember the name of it. I have decided to use my brights and have pulled most of them. I am making it scrappy and each block will be different. I only need one 2.5 inch strip of 72 different fabrics. Not a problem. Also need some white tone on tone and some yellow. The pattern reminds me of pop beads from my childhood. 

I am also preparing for visitors for the 4th of July. My son, his wife, her mom, and their dog are coming for the holiday. My son has a request for Stuffed Manicotti  for dinner one night. That is one of his favorite meals. I am sure that his dad will come down for a visit while the kids are in town. So I am working on getting sewing room moved out of the dining room and back in the basement for at least the time I have visitors. 

In stitches,

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