Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simply Sewing

I have been busy sewing today. I am working on blocks for a baby quilt. I need 42 blocks for a baby quilt according to my calculations. I am chain piecing them. I have 42 blocks to the almost done stage. I am hoping to get back to the sewing machine and get them all the way done before I go to bed.

My neighbor, Tina, came back today for additional help with her sewing. She has sewn before but it has been a while ago. She made three dogs scarves all by herself today. Of course, the sewing machine did misbehave a bit, but a mini clean up, new needle, and a dab of oil had the machine humming along just fine.

In stitches,

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Diane-crewe said...

hope you managed to get back to sewing x LOVE log cabin .. and it is so versitile xx