Monday, January 27, 2014

Busy Sunday

My job does not give me the option of two days off in a row. There are pros and cons to that. I like being off  during the week to schedule appointments. But when I am on a sewing roll, I hate having Sunday and Tuesday off. And now we are starting mandatory overtime. Ten hours a week of your choice. Lots of incentives. But again I would rather be sewing. So now I am trying to figure when I want to do my overtime so that I can still sew. I have another Kid's Komfort I want to finish before our meeting, the first Monday in February. Weather permitting. I have a panel that I am going to FMQ.

Sunday, Tina came down and sewed on her dog scarves. We had an oops and some of the scarves' openings were not big enough. I told her not to worry I would fix those for her. There were a bunch cut but now sewn that needed an extension to make the opening big enough. I cut and sewed them to each scarf before she got here. She is a new sewer and I did not want overwhelm her with all the jerry riggin I had to do. I was able to get the Valentine ones fixed (all 25) for her and now she is on track to finish the rest of them. She is big on supporting rescue dogs so all the proceeds from the sale of the scarves will go to the dog rescues where she got her dogs.

I did bind my scrappy kid's komfort but the camera is here with my computer and the quilt is upstairs. I will get it together and post a picture so.

Time to do some laundry and get ready to log in to the work's system. I am taking calls this week. I am rusty on calls, but I am getting quicker. And for that I am glad.

In stitches,

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Diane-crewe said...

when overtime is "mandatory" that stinks! hope you manage to sort out your worl/home/sewing balence x makes me appreciate being retired all the more x