Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where to begin

I would like to say that I have been sewing so much that there was no time for blogging. But that is not the case. Mostly real life has put my sewing on the back burner. I have cut out several things for Elly's summer wardrobe. It is such fun to sew for a little girl. I sewed for my boys, but they did like wearing dresses!

I am getting to be the queen of bartering. I bartered yard work for a baby quilt. The quilt is done but I am still waiting on my yard work. I have bartered another quilt for a Kindle Fire. I have the Kindle Fire, just waiting on my niece to decide about a quilt. I now have bartered for my grass cutting. My new neighbor will be glad to cut my yard, if I let him use my mower and he can then cut his yard, too. He has a lousy mower and mine is great.

My sister, Karen, and I are doing a project a month. My May project is Elly's summer wardrobe. My June project is to finish the rag quilt for my nephew's birthday. He will be two at the end of June. The blocks are cut but that is all. And everyone should be working with flannel in June. In July we are doing Christmas. I have a Lil Twister pattern ready to go and I want to pin baste my Christmas quilt and start hand quilting. And I am churning out crocheted dish cloths. I do them while I am waiting for my callers to find the information I need to do their Prior Authorizations. A good week I can do 5-6. So if you see me coming watch out, I just might offer you a crocheted dish cloth.

Time to go to Hobby Lobby and get some lace to put on edges of Elly's dresses. I will post pictures of the wardrobe once Elly has them in New York. I want her mommy to see them in person before they show up on the blog.

In stitches,

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