Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time has flown

Summer is here according to  the calendar, but our weather here in southern Ohio states that summer arrived much earlier. I have been busy with my flower beds. I put in 50 Impatien plants and I can say that they are growing great guns!! I have almost finished weeding all of the beds and on Monday my girlfriend is coming here to make a flower and bush swap. I have several small bushes that she wants and she has some naked ladies that she will bring me for my flower beds. I am still waiting on my sister to pull the flowers from her yard that she does not want and I will put them in my flower beds. Then I will fill in with whatever is on clearance.

I have been sewing. My hand quilting project is coming along nicely and I have found a spot in my kitchen that is screaming for a quilt. I have made a cute summer bag and almost finished the patriotic wall hanging for my basement landing. I have the pillow forms ready for the new couch pillows and on one of the pillow covers are cut out and waiting for there time at the sewing machine.

I have also suffered a set back with my health. I am off today to see a vascular doctor to see why I have been retaining water and why my feet look like chubby boats. I have been taking a water pill and those it helps, the constant trips to the bathroom are annoying. And being on the phone all day does not lend itself to multiple potty trips. Hopefully we will find something out today.

In stitches,

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