Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This has been a very interesting week and it is only Wednesday. I did a mock up of the block I wanted to use with the Orange Crush fabric in the previous posts. I really like and cannot wait to get started on it. I have finished sewing the circle squares together for my daughter in law's quilt. I need to press the segments and join them all together. I will add the borders and hope to start pin basting it this weekend. I have put everything back in my refrigerator, even though it still  makes a noise. It is not as loud now and when I am working and busy I do not hear it.

Yesterday was my birthday! I had a very full day. I worked my whole 8 hour shift. I applied the new sticker to my license plate so I can drive another year without getting pulled over. I voted. I went to the library and went to the grocery store. My mom stopped by at lunch time with a lovely bouquet of yellow flowers. Yellow is my favorite color. I got to talk to my kids in New York City. They moved on Monday to a bigger place and my sister and I will be driving up there in April for a visit. All in all it was a wonderful day!!

And today I had a home visit from the company I work for. At one time or another each of the work at home staff gets a visit. It has been warm outside so I had the wooden door open and was watching out my storm door at the birds, squirrels and any thing else that caught my eye. A big car pulled up across the street with a gentleman looking kinda lost inside. I knew he was the company rep I was waiting for. As he started towards the house, I called to him to move his car as he was in a no parking zone. I have to admit it is not well marked. I think there my be two or three signs on my long block. But I did not want my visit to stand out by him getting a ticket. He was here and gone in under 8 minutes!! If I do not hear anything in the next few days, I know I passed. But I am sure I passed. No telling what tomorrow will bring. But it is off to bed for me now!!

In stitches,

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