Tuesday, August 9, 2011

That wall hanging


I have finished that wall hanging. That Patriotic wall hanging and I have decided to do it again. I have enough of the print to use as the background and enough red to make the stars and I will make only 4 blocks instead of 9 and I have until Memorial Day 2012 to finish it. I will add a border to it so it will fit in the hanger it was intended for. I pictured it in my mind and was so disappointed that it did not live up to my vision.

I am still toying with a design for Autumn. Orange is calling my name. I need to see what orange fabrics are living in my stash. I know that I have a piece of homespun in the orange family that I have been saving for that special project. That might be the project. I am thinking applique. And maybe blanket stitch. I am also thinking that all of that might too ambitious. We shall see.

In stitches,

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sunny said...

I like the quilt! Sorry it doesn't fit. I have a habit of trying to make quilts without directions, and they never turn out quite the way I envision. I read through a few posts, and I really love your log cabin!!