Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life is crazy!!!

Ever since January 1st, we have been waiting for the overtime to kick in at work. It kicked in last week with voluntary overtime, which I took 14 hours towards my car fund. It's mandatory now and  so far this week I have done 12 hours including 6 on Easter. We won't do Easter until the 18th. No sewing for me right now. I am hoping to get to the sewing machine this weekend. No plans for working any this weekend.

I slept in the basement last night. It was 80 degrees in the house. Yuck. But it is always about 20 degrees cooler in the basement. It was wonderful and I was able to do this while I took the curlers out of my hair. I can hear my alarm thru the floorboards. Uncarpeted hardwood floors.

My friend, Jennifer, from work is coming to "shop" my stash this weekend. Jennifer is just getting back into quilting and my stash needs some thinning so it works for everyone.

Have a good day and keep on sewing!!

In stitches,

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