Monday, May 5, 2014

A few things

Here are a few things I have finished in the last few weeks.

 Yet another quilt for Kid's Komfort. I am not even making a dent in my stash. But I am plugging along just the same.

 This is my sister's new dress. I finished it just before Easter and she looks so pretty in it!

This is a washed out picture of the tablecloth I quilted for my sister in law. I have a second one to do for her and I am hoping to finish it some time this month.

And a picture showing that we are finally greening up in Ohio. It still is not as warm as I would like, but I am sure that will change soon!

In stitches,

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Terry said...

The quilt you made is so pretty! And isn't it wonderful to finally be seeing some green around here? It's about time! :0)