Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days to go

I am counting down the days until I leave for my trip to New York. I have packed in my mind, so hopefully, I won't forget anything. Doubtful! The quilt for Nick and Tania is done!!! I am hoping if the weather co-operates tonight to get a good picture outside. I am also hoping to get the front yard cut tonight after work. I have had a flare up of my lupus and most all weekend could hardly walk. I am feeling better and thinking the front yard is calling my name. And of course, the back yard is saying "Pick me on Wednesday"!!

I have a tiny bit of quilting to do on the hand quilting project and then stitch down the binding. I am doing a quilt for the Ami Sims Alzheimer project and I need to get that finished. I am hand appliqueing a block. I have not done these in years. It is restful. And almost done. And then I want to start on the bright orange, yellow and pink fabric. I have my design and I need to execute a block to see if it will work. It worked fine when I did the mock up with fabric and glue stick but sewing it on the sewing machine is much more different and not as forgiving as glue.

I need to get my stuff together and find the chair for my desk. It is time to start my week at work. From what I have heard we had our first bit of the promised overtime last night and I went to my guild meeting instead. Imagine that. I had a good  time at the meeting and we had some awesome show and tell and a speaker. I am hoping there will be more overtime in the near future!!

In stitches,

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